Philip Barton

Hi Sergey,
I appreciate the spirit behind your communications.  I did receive your first email and was still thinking about it when this one arrived.
We have every desire to be supportive of all and any moves to put gold in its rightful place at the centre of the monetary universe.
Where we differ from all other parties is in our wish to reinvigorate the debate that raged from the time of Aristotle to Nicholas Oresme, but then died away, that money should be controlled by the free market - by people, not by governments.
It is our firm belief that any system of money monopolised by governments will eventually be corrupted (degraded) with the inevitable result of the collapse of the society/civilization.  This has been the history of the last 2,500 years without any exception.  The people produce surplus goods and prosperity; the government then destroys that production and prosperity through debasement of the money supply.
Real and lasting progress can only come about when the nexus between government and money is irrevocably broken.
Let the market decide not only what shall be money (obviously we believe that it will choose gold), but how each transaction will be structured.
Each participant to a transaction should have the right to decide what is used and in what manner it is used.
Philip Barton


Thomas Jacob

President Gold Franc Association

Gold Coin Initiative

Dear Mr. Popravko


I am sorry my answer to your e-mail took so long. We were in China last week and had no e-mail access, I suspect censorship.


We have never had the intention to claim undue credit and are glad to point to your efforts and patent. I frankly was not aware of it and think that to incorporate gold in a banknote is a ingenious concept.


Our main concern and thrust is not the technical but the legal aspect of monetizing gold. Incidentally, the concept of a monetary unit containing gold and issued without face value is, in my understanding, incorporated in other gold coins like the Krugerrand. But be this as it may be, back to our legal concern:


Our main goal and concern is to safeguard gold from being taxed, restricted or confiscated. We believe that to safeguard gold from taxes and trade restrictions requires the highest legal, i.e. constitutional protection PLUS the support of the majority of the population. I believe laws without majority support are always in danger of being abused without enough resistence.


To get a majority of the population interest in gold, this is where the gold coin concept comes into play. It will be a easy and convenient access to the 87% oft he Swiss population who possess no gold and therefore have no personal interest in protecting it. We must and can win a majority of the voters who will have to approve a constitutional amendment.


We need to collect 100 000 signatures to put the proposal to a vote in Switzerland and then win the majority of the voting citizens at the ballot. We don’t really care exactly how the gold money is technically defined, be it gold coins, gold core coins or bills containing gold. Therefore I think there is no direct conflict.


Sincerely yours


Thomas Jacob